Is this a CSA? It sounds like a CSA.

Not quite. We don’t pull from a singular farm, and instead work with a network that provide us a wider range of produce options and prices, and stability in our offerings from week to week.

When and how do I get my order?

Place your order by EoD Friday for delivery on Saturday! We deliver between 12-6pm on Saturdays. You’ll get a text message when we are nearing your house, and again when we arrive, so please keep an eye on your phone!

Why fruits and vegetables only? Why not [other food]?

You could go to a grocery store and buy 50 bags of rice to throw in your closet, and it would last you ages. If you have freezer space, you can store certain foods indefinitely. By comparison, fresh fruits or vegetables only last around a week. Once those go bad, you are either forced to replenish or go without.

Right now, many people don’t feel safe going to grocery stores, and it’s become harder and harder to get timely orders through the various popular delivery services.

The single greatest good that we can do to reduce how often you need to go to a grocery store is to provide you with a consistent supply of fresh produce. To do this in a just and equitable way, we allow people to set their own price, so that people can support each other and be supported.

How does “Pay-What-You-Can” work?

We are only going to survive by working together and taking care of each other, and Baskit empowers people to work together by offering food on a sliding scale. Pay as little as $5 for a single Baskit or $10/week for a subscription. Or, if you’re able, pay as much as you feel you can afford to help subsidize the costs of other folks. If you’re able to pay more, you’re helping others eat. If you’re not able to pay as much, know that you have a community of people here to help you out. We are all part of the Baskit community together.