After delivering thousands of Baskits to hundreds of folks around the Bay…

Baskit is closing

Our last delivery is Dec 19, 2020.


What is Baskit?

We’re an ambitious philanthropic experiment in grocery delivery. At the core — we’re here for you.

Baskit is a pay-what-you-can produce service (currently) serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We buy massive quantities of bulk produce and repackage it into “Baskits”—an average person’s one-week supply of fruits and vegetables. This amount of produce would cost around $30 from standard grocery chains and delivery services, but we want you to set your own price. Pay as little as $10 for a weekly subscription or $5 for a one-off Baskit, or pay more to support others! We accept orders throughout the week, and our enthusiastic do-gooders distribute orders on Saturdays.

We’re doing this because we’re in a period of terrifying and growing economic imbalance, and many of our friends, family, and community members are hurting. Baskit is an opportunity for people who are able to pay more to help subsidize the produce of those able to pay less. By purchasing groceries, you help your friends, neighbors, and community get fresh produce, so they can thrive in good health during difficult times. If you’re uncertain how much to pay, $15-$20 per Baskit is a solid range.

All Baskits in a given week are identical, and contain around ten pounds of a collection of common produce. A recent bag included carrots, onions, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, potato, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, apples, oranges, bananas, and a large mango.

Baskit is built upon and for community. Times are incredibly tough right now, but we’re in this together, and by working together we’ll get through it healthier and happier.

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